Sold: 1498 Caird Way

Sold: 1498 Caird Way That’s a wrap for 1498 Caird Way! This home had become an unfortunate eye sore in the neighborhood before Rabbit Whole Homes acquired it. Fast forward a few months and now this beauty is the best looking house on the block and ready for new memories with it’s new owners. I […]

Feeling Lost in the Mortgage Process?

Feeling Lost in the Mortgage Process? Feeling lost in the mortgage process? You’re not alone. My clients often come to me feeling overwhelmed by the process of getting a mortgage. They tell me they’re confused and don’t know where to start. That’s why I make sure to guide them through the process step by step, […]

Ready to Sell?

Ready to Sell? THIS RIGHT HERE → As the real estate market heats up in Spring, I get calls and messages from homeowners all the time who are ready to sell but who are completely stressed out about getting their homes ready for the market.Selling your home in a hot market can be both exciting […]

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